"He has a wife you know"

All about ancient history...


I think Zeus would be as interested in the men’s beach volleyball!

I blogged about this a while back, in the 40s Yellow Jacket comics ran “Diana the Huntress”, about Diana (Roman version of Artemis) who was sent to Greece to help fight the Nazis (yep - they got it confused, they should have stuck with ‘Artemis’).

Here she is taking out tanks, wonder if she’ll get a film made?

Great Theseus cartoon from Happle Tea

Another great myth cartoon..a nice balance to the version by Goya and Rubens.

Morbid - but sums up the Old Testament quite nicely!

Still working on a couple of new articles (Olympics theme, apologies - they’ll be up soon). Till then here’s another cartoon, with the Olympic flame going out it’s sort of topical….almost.

time for another ancient history cartoon methinks

It’s raining so why not an aquatic themed cartoon - enjoy!

another great myth cartoon